About Skin and Tonic

Skin and Tonic was created by Ellen Olson and  was a facial and waxing studio for 13 years that evolved into an organic beauty, grooming and wellness apothecary.
In my 20 years of skin care practice, I realized that much of the products out there are highly toxic with one thing in mind. To get fast results. Sure, hydroquinone will lighten up hyperpigmentation but it is also highly carcinogenic which means future risk of skin cancer. And your chemical sunscreens contain hormone disruptors as well as the plastic packaging that these products come in. Your skin absorbs these ingredients and over time creates a toxic breeding ground for illness.
Also, the grooming industry accounts for about 70% of plastic waste in our oceans. This is contaminating our ocean wild life, impacting the water we drink and food resources from the ocean.
And we wonder why cancer diagnosis are skyrocketing?

I research skin care lines from small batch makers who are conscious about the ingredients and packaging of their skin care lines.   Many of the products I select are women owned companies that use glass or biodegradable packaging for easy recycling.  Some of these lines donate a portion of their proceeds to environmental cleanup.  I choose products containing organic, herbal ingredients that keep your skin healthy and give back to the earth!!!