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Established by Ellen Olson in 2006, Skin and Tonic was birthed inside a tiny room, in her live work space. Ellen started out as a casual at-home waxing and facial spot to treat her friends to a relaxing spa service.

Word got out and strangers began showing up unannounced, asking for appointments. This tiny, one woman operation took a turn into a direction that was purely accidental, yet exciting. She decided to go legitimate and moved into a small, commercial location. During a time that businesses were closing down, her business thrived and she outgrew her space. Again it was time to move to a larger location with more rooms, a retail space and hiring staff to take the overflow.

It was then that Skin and Tonic began to evolve and nutrition became integrated into services to optimize treatment results. At the same time, she began to understand the amount of exposure to chemical irritants and toxic ingredients, incased in plastic bottles. These products lived in most of the skin care in the treatment room and on the retail shelves. It was time to seek out organic, non toxic, sustainable skin care made by small women owned companies who cared deeply about the environment and the health of clients.

Those products deemed safe can contain ingredients that are carcinogenic and cause disruption in hormone production and even nerve issues. She began researching cleaner lines and slowly began stocking the shelves with organic, plant based products with sustainable packaging. Just as she began to shift the business, the pandemic hit and Ellen was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. She closed down the service portion of the business and began to fiercely dedicate her life to creating awareness around using non toxic healthy skin care products. During the 10 months of brutal cancer treatments, she reshaped Skin and Tonic into an online retail business, continuing to incorporate more intelligent skin care, grooming and hygiene lines by eco conscious, creative women.

Skin and Tonic continues to grow and create awareness in the skin care industry through Ellen's cancer journey. It is a testament that our daily products truly do matter.

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