About Us

Our Philosophy


We know the beauty industry is filled with so many products, marketing to brainwash us into believing that we have too many wrinkles or our pores are too big.  HOGWASH!  There is no such thing as flawless skin.   We are unique and one of a kind and we want our clients to OWN IT!

Our approach to skin is to first, see what society calls your imperfections as perfections.  You are beautiful and fabulous just the way you are!

Next, we want to hear what your goals are.  Do you want to get lovely treatment that feels good or are you on a mission to heal your skin?  If so, you've come to the right place!

We have a very realistic approach to skin. The health of our client's skin is very important so this is why we don't provide aggressive treatments at the risk of damaging your skin.

Most importantly we educate our clients on how poor diet, dehydration and lack of sleep can negatively impact the skin.  If you REALLY want to make a drastic difference in your skin then tackling diet and hydration are very KEY! And since we are experts in nutrition and skin care, we can give you the tools to get results!

Wouldn't it be nice to keep your skin glowing after your facial? We have a wonderful selection of  plant based skin care that we can recommend to you.  No pushy sales pitch, we just want to make sure you can continue to have amazing skin beyond your treatment!

Ellen Olson


I am Ellen, the mastermind and heart behind Skin and Tonic.  This business started out in my live work space just giving a few friends facials.  Soon, they were referring their friends and my business grew by word of mouth!

I officially opened my studio back in 2007 and it took off so quickly, within 2 years I expanded into the space we are in now on Santa Clara Avenue.

I genuinely care about each person that walks in the door and want them to feel right at home when they arrive.  We are very casual and provide a quiet space to work one on one with our clients.

I believe this is why we have been so successful.

Nutrition and lifestyle has become my recent passion as it plays a role in the health of the skin.  I became a certified nutrition consultant back in 2012 so we could impact our client's skin on a deeper level. 

After 18 years of serving clients in the treatment room, I have decided to focus more on fine tuning Skin and Tonic and doing more lifestyle and nutrition consulting.   I am also writing a book and launching a few other projects relating to beauty and wellness.

I am so grateful to the loyalty of all of our clients!  Many have been with me since the very beginning.

Being away from the treatment room has been difficult at times so I do take appointments from time to time to connect with clients!


Laura Panxhi


Laura has a deep passion for treating skin and combining nutrition guidance with her services.

Laura is from Athens, Greece and there, she received her 4 year degree in aesthetics and studied nutrition.

She is a gifted esthetician and is dedicated to helping her clients successfully reach their skin goals.  

Her magical, healing hands will melt you into utter relaxation and her magnetic personality adds to the positive vibes at Skin and Tonic.

Laura has over 10 years of experience in the treatment room  and has a wealth of knowledge in treating all skin types!

Book with Laura and you won't be disappointed!