About Us



We are delighted to be a part of your WELL-BEING team!  We are here for nurturing, support, inspiration and to make your visit a joyful and relaxing experience!

Skin and Tonic is collaboration of uniquely gifted, skin and wellness savvy ladies with a passion for nurturing the skin and soul, each of us backed with at least a decade (or two!) of experience!

We believe that healing the skin begins from within.  Diet, exercise, sleep, hydration and mindfulness all play an important role in the outward appearance of your skin.  If you experience acne, redness, dilated capillaries, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dehydration, dryness, accelerated aging, puffiness and sensitivity, this means that your skin is sounding an alarm that something may be suffering internally.  

Facials and peels can provide nourishment and relief on the surface, but they will not address the underlying issue.

Constant exposure to environmental toxins, blue light and physical and emotional stress takes a big toll on the health of our skin and body.  Now, more than ever it is very important to support our bodies with love and proper self care.  

Receiving medical treatments such as laser and chemical peels can provide instant results, but they will not give you more longevity.  Let's get REALLY REAL here, if you are not feeling good, then what's the point of spending all that money to look younger?

Getting to the root of your skin issues by following a clean eating plan and managing stress will increase your energy, boost your immune system, reduce aches and pains, increase brain function, reduce digestive issues and drastically improve the health of your skin.

We go beyond the skin when you work with us at Skin and Tonic.  We are dedicated to helping our clients heal.

We always use organic, environmentally friendly, cruelty free products.  We believe that nature is filled with an abundance of healing and soothing ingredients for the skin.  We don't believe the earth should pay the price for our vanity.  This is why we choose skin care companies that use ingredients from nature with sustainable packaging.   

Our facials are focused on healing, soothing and putting love back into the skin, not wounding the skin to heal.  Extractions are gentle to avoid breaking capillaries and  we do not use products or tools to distress the skin.

All of our practitioners are gifted in the art of healing.  Know that you are in good hands and will receive great care when you come to visit us!


Ellen Olson


I am the driving force behind Skin and Tonic and have been servicing my clients through wellness and skin care since 2001. I became an esthetician to provide luxurious skin care services to those who needed to de-stress, unwind and relax. Truthfully, I am not a skin care junkie and I don't obsess over my own skin. BUT I'm a big believer taking responsibility for self preservation and nourishing the mind, body and soul. I also wanted to create an inviting space where clients feel welcome, accepted, nurtured and supported.

Several years ago, I was battling insomnia, hormonal ups and downs and a bad case of eczema on my face. My doctor recommended anti-depressants as the remedy. <Scratches head in disbelief>  While I felt insane from not sleeping, I didn't feel that depression was my issue.  I felt that prescribing me anti-depressants was irresponsible and not okay. So I got a second opinion from a naturopathic doctor who spent 2 hours listening, examining and developing a plan for me.  She simply said that I had adrenal fatigue and she prescribed me an anti-inflammatory diet and told me I had to stop training for marathons. 

After 30 days of diligently sticking to her recommendations, I saw a drastic difference in my skin, began sleeping better and lost 8 lbs of inflammatory swelling.  My periods reduced from 10 heavy days to 5 tolerable days.  

Over time, my eczema went away and never came back.  I healed my body and got my life back.  I had no idea that my daily habits were contributing to my suffering.

And then it dawned on me that if I could heal myself and my skin, then I could help my clients do the same!

 I became certified in nutrition to help my clients in exactly the way my naturopath helped me. 

I have moved out of the treatment room so that I can be of service with our client's WELL-BEING!  My passion is to support and inspire our clients in their pursuit to feel amazing and radiate from the inside out!!


Laura Panxhi

Laura has a deep passion for treating skin and combining nutrition guidance with her services.

Laura is from Athens, Greece and there, she received her 4 year degree in aesthetics and studied nutrition.

She is a gifted esthetician and is dedicated to helping her clients successfully reach their skin goals.  

Her magical, healing hands will melt you into utter relaxation and her magnetic personality adds to the positive vibes at Skin and Tonic.

Laura has over 10 years of experience in the treatment room  and has a wealth of knowledge in treating all skin types!

Book with Laura and you won't be disappointed!


Gayle Whitley


Gayle Whitley is passionate about self care and giving her clients a balance of result driven skin care accompanied by relaxation.  With over 20 years as a licensed Esthetician and massage therapist,  Gayle's facials are designed for ultimate healing.  Her experience in high end spas and working with a plastic surgeon along with an arsenal of product and ingredient knowledge allows her to formulate the perfect facial for her clients.

Gayle's continued education includes cranial sacral, myofascial and now cryo therapy, where she focuses her facials on reducing inflammation in techniques with the body to help improve the skin. 

Gayle loves incorporating elixirs and concoctions to your customized facial to enhance your experience.

With her medical background as well as massage she will make sure you are nurtured, while improving the health of skin through detoxification.

Gayle is also BARBICIDE certified to make sure your safety is number one !