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Our Services

We do not believe that pain equals beauty.  With pain comes great risk in harming your skin.  Our treatments are gentle, yet very effective and we take great measures to lower our impact on the environment. All of our facials are customized to each individual's needs and we are skilled at treating all skin types and ethnicities!  For a deeper and safe approach, we use treatments such as LED therapy, hydradermabrasion for deeper cleansing, detoxification and hydration and ultrasonic to break up puffiness and provide deeper penetration of products.  Your skin will always look radiant even after our peels!  


Environmentally Safe and Effective Skin Care

Keep your skin feeling smooth and healthy withour safe and effective skin care!  All of our products are carefully selected using organic ingredients and recyclable packaging.   Our skin care is plant derived and free of harsh detergents or petrochemicals.  We carry a variety of products that will calm acne, reduce hyperpigmentation, relax fine lines, increase collagen production and treat sensitive skin, rosacea and eczema. 

We've got your daily regimen covered! 


The Treatment Space

We are located in the buzzing neighborhood of Grand Avenue, just diagonal from the Grand Lake theatre.  Our small, quaint space is unique and tranquil.  Whether you are receiving one of our lovely facials or enjoying a relaxing LED treatment in our meditation space, we will make sure you feel cozy, peaceful and nurtured!

Our favorite skin care package!


NEW!!  Transforming peel!!


Transforming Peel


We first cleanse the skin and remove all surface oils, then place clients under the LED light to address hyperpigmentation, redness, acne and accelerate collagen growth.

Peel is applied and left on for the remainder of the day (Don't worry, only you will know you have a peel on your face! It is invisible!)

The entire process takes about 30 minutes.

Includes 1 healing skin kit containing Pure Cleanser, Calming Balm, Transformation cream and Prime and Defend SPF 30 Sunscreen.

Transforming peel Package

$275 ($25 savings)

We highly recommend the Transforming Peel package. Included with the peel is a follow up Hydradermabrasion Express facial. The benefit of this treatment is to exfoliate excess dead skin, infuse with hydration and brighten. Your skin be glowing and radiant!

Get on our monthly service subscription!


Our monthly service subscription is designed to aggressively treat problematic skin for faster results.


4 customized facial treatments that include a combination of peels, LED light service, oxygen therapy, hydradermabrasion and extractions.  The services last anywhere from 30 minutes to 50 minutes and are performed weekly.   

 Nutritional guidance to speed up the healing process.  

30 day skin care kit with cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen and a corrective serum to bump up exfoliation. 

 Cost for a monthly subscription is $550 and you can renew monthly until we've achieved desired results!   $168 savings

How do I select the right facial?


First time visiting and not sure which facial to pick?  No problem!  

We highly recommend booking the facial that feels most suitable to your needs.  When you arrive for your appointment, your esthetician will examine your skin , discuss your goals and will go over the best treatment options for your skin!

Be sure to fill out our Skin care questionnaire prior to your appointment.

This will help us determine whether we need to refrain from using any products that could cause any irritation.

Your comfort is important to us!

We want our clients to have an amazing experience.  We are happy to adjust temperature in the room, turn music down or off, remove a product that might feel too uncomfortable, adjust steam, pressure and so on.  

We like to educate our clients but we also like to give our clients a relaxing experience.  If you would prefer that we talk with you about the products we are applying and about future treatments we are happy to do so with your permission! 

What our clients say about us!


Loved my experience at Skin and Tonic. The microdermabrasion and facial has made my skin glow. The products used during the facial smelled amazing! Laura was really pleasant, made the whole process really relaxing and didn’t push me to buy products the way other places do. I highly recommend this place for skincare! - Gaia C.


Excellent facials from Laura! I look way better when I leave than when I go in! Would absolutely recommend her and this establishment. M.A.


I had a facial treatment with Laura and I was in high heaven! She was so gentle and thorough and even explained to me what products she would use on my face.  My face looked so dewy, clean and vibrant for weeks! A glowing recommendation to this spa place! R.L.

SECOND FACIAL with Skin and Tonic

My second facial with Skin and Tonic was a joy! I couldn't wait for this me time with my second facial. Great environment and excellent staff!  

Lynette W. 


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