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Welcome to Skin and Tonic located in the heart of the Lake Merritt Area in Oakland.

Ellen says, ”Our success comes from the way we care for our clients. I want our clients to feel great about themselves and their experience here. We are dedicated to finding the underlying problem so that our clients never have to suffer from skin issues. I want our clients to feel a warm, welcome environment when they walk through the doors. My experience with some skin care places have been a bit stuffy and sometimes intimidating with a hard pressed sell to buy hundreds of dollars of products. We don’t do that. We are all about educating our clients on how to meet their skin care goals, not overwhelm them with a sales pitch.” 

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Quiet and Serene

“We are all very unique in the way we treat skin, but we all have one thing in common, we want our clients to feel amazing and trust that we are sincerely dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.” 


Organic & Cruelty Free

We bring the best chemical free, cruelty free, organic bio-degradeable products to our clients. 
We love simplicity and believe your skincare regime can be easy with minimal high quality products.


No Pressure Sales

We believe in offering you solutions to achieve the glowing skin you deserve. Our goal is to educate and inform you which products are best for you unique skin. You never have to worry about high pressure sales.



Ellen Olson

I love the way that Oakland gave me such a warm welcome when I opened my business and continues to every single day. Oakland has a lot of amazing skin care salons out there, all unique with their own specialty. I believe that what sets us apart from other skin care businesses is our holistic view of treating skin. You can't have great skin without a good diet, proper hydration, good sleep habits and a stress relief practice.

I experienced the transformation in my skin and total mind/body wellness when I was introduced to my current lifestyle and diet back in 2011. I healed my eczema. I lost weight. I started sleeping again. I got my life back. This experience was utterly mind blowing for me and I truly wanted to show my clients that making a few changes to their diet could actually heal their skin and change their life.

The skin care services we provide will get results but the best results come from a total body wellness practice. For me, it's not just about seeing our clients improve their skin, it's about watching a complete transformation unfold and witnessing the empowerment and liberation of getting their life back. Our services are not about just giving skin treatments, it's about working from within to create that outer glow. Their eyes will light up and their skin will heal and age gracefully.

Our imperfections are what make us all unique and different from each other and I don't ever want anyone feeling ashamed of the way they look. Often times the beauty industry destroys our self image, brainwashing women into believing that their imperfections are not acceptable pr that we have to be flawless to be seen. NOT TRUE!

I have retired from the treatment room to build a lifestyle practice that will inspire and educate women on wellness and self care practices that will keep them looking fresh and feeling young for years to come! And while it's been a tough decision to leave the treatment room and my amazing relationships I've built over the last 18 years, I know that what I have in store for everyone will be truly inspiring and empowering. THIS new practice I am creating lights me up and I believe it will light others up too!

When Laura came to Skin and Tonic in 2017, I was so delighted to find out that she had a holistic nutrition background and that her 4 year degree in skin along with her 10 years of experience as a holistic esthetician would be the perfect fit for Skin and Tonic. I always want to work with someone who is truly an expert and has a passion for healing. I find that we learn a lot from each other and it's refreshing to have someone on board who inspires and informs me of the latest trends in beauty and wellness. I am delighted to have her as my lead esthetician........her wonderful personality (and sense of humor!) contributes to the positive vibes at Skin and Tonic! She has a magical touch and you will definitely be in great hands when you book with Laura!


Laura Panxhi 

Laura comes to us from Athens, Greece! She and received her four year degree in skin care while in Greece back in 2007.  Her education in skin is highly advanced and well above and beyond the requirements for licensing in the United States.

Laura’s degree covers dermatology, invasive medical procedures and treatment such as laser treatment and botox. She also completed her studies in nutrition and studied social anthropology. Laura comes highly experienced from a medical spa background and is truly skilled. She continually educates herself on current advancements and trends in nutrition and skin care.

Laura has a magical touch that will put you at ease and quite possibly to sleep!

Her warm bubbly personality contributes to the positive vibe at Skin and Tonic and it is an absolute honor and pleasure to have her with us!

Our clients have caught on to Laura’s awesomeness and she does book up quickly so definitely book in advance to secure your appointment! 


Our online booking system is easy to use!